Trans Women of Color Live's MatterTrans Women of Color Live's Matter On Saturday, September 27, nearly 50 people gathered on the steps of the Washington Convention Center to support trans women of color. They shared stories, posed for group photos, and even prayed together. At the end, they exchanged business cards and pledged to do their part in promoting their common cause and to bring...

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I Believe in Me: Fighting for Trans Rights in PrisonI Believe in Me: Fighting for Trans Rights in Prison Lambda Legal and Transgender Woman Celebrate Successful Fight Against Discrimination and Harassment at Halfway House In September, Lambda Legal released a video documenting Donisha McShan’s successful fight to be treated as a woman while at The H Group, the Marion, Illinois, halfway house where she was receiving substance...

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Transgender Health Care Updates Transgender Health Care Updates The transgender health care crisis is not only well-documented in national surveys in the last few years, but is revealed in story after story of transgender people who have been refused care by health care providers and refused medically-necessary coverage by the health insurance industry. The discrimination and abuse...

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Easing the Law for New Yorkers Shifting GenderEasing the Law for New Yorkers Shifting Gender New York City is poised to redefine what constitutes a transition from one sex to another, allowing a person’s own identity, not anatomy, to be the determining factor. The change, which is being advanced both by the City Council and the de Blasio administration, would allow alterations to birth certificates with the...

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The Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change SurgeryThe Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change Surgery One day in 1779, a London couple, seeking treatment for their seven-year-old daughter, showed up at the Soho Square Dispensary for the Relief of the Infant Poor. The first doctor thought she might have a hernia. The second had a different idea. “I shall not trouble the reader with the surprise into which the parents...

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Hillary Clinton’s LGBT Rights Speech to the UN


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Here’s the speech everyone is talking about today. It’s being heralded as a modern day “I Have a Dream” speech.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the United Nations in Geneva this morning and gave a speech about LGBT human rights in honor of the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Her speech served as a solid statement following the Obama administration’s announcement this morning that it is instructing federal agencies and diplomats to protect and promote LGBT rights internationally.

Transcript of the speech is after the break.


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  1. Kadir says:

    You’re right, HIV has no face, but it also has every face. No one is protected, which is why evenyore should be. I think you should just draw some people, but forget the clinic background. It would be much more powerful to show that there is no line between the two in appearance. I’ve been HIV+ for a decade now and I’m a professional graphic designer. I don’t, however, usually find myself walking in front of AIDS clinics! But go with your gut; make a point.

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